P. B. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Chandrapur (M.S)


Sanmitra Mandal, Chandrapur

Purushottamdas Bagla Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Chandrapur (M.S)

Recognized by Central Council of Homoeopathy New Delhi & Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

“Similia Similibus Curentur”  “Dare to be wise”

Students Corner

Pharmacy Tour

Our students also visited Dr. Willmar Schwabe India ltd. at Noida, on 6th Feb 2018, we have visited all departments there and came to know about various procedures used for collection of drug substances, preparation of Mother Tinctures, collection and storage of Mother Tinctures. Then we saw Trituration and Succession of drugs in sterilized environment. We also saw Herbarium where Plants like Calendula, Chamomila, UrticaUrens, Strammonium, OccimumSantum, Agalfolia, Arnica montan, etc. were planted. Form this visit our college students learned about the standard procedures used during collection, preparation and packaging of Homoeopathic medicines.

Activities in PBHMC

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